Complete 3D Blender Course Sketch to Art for Beginners(2020)

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Complete 3D Blender Course: Sketch to 3D Art for Beginners

Blender can be used to make art in 3D. a beginner’s level class (2022)

What you’ll learn

Complete 3D Blender Course: Sketch to 3D Art for Beginners

  • Use Blender and learn how it works.
  • In this case, you can make 3D models.
  • Make your own things.
  • Using a cloth to make things like texturing and sculpture
  • Camera rule of a third way to think about it
  • This is how far the camera can get into the picture.
  • Lightly set up.
  • Rendering.
  • How to sketch and model in 3D with help from video. Reference footage is also there.
  • It comes with all the scene files and texture maps you need to make all the scenes in the course.


  • In Blender, you don’t need any previous experience.
  • A whiteboard-style video is shown in all of the videos.
  • 2.8x, 2.9x, and 3.x are the stable and beta versions of Blender used in this course.
  • Blender 2. x and 3. x work on most computers with the right hardware. Visit the blender download site for the most up-to-date hardware requirements.

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