Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot)

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What you’ll learn

Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot)

  • You’ll learn how to code from scratch while building a program that sends cryptocurrency price alerts to your cell phone.
  • Starter course: Short and dynamic to build your confidence and understanding before you think about paying for longer courses.
  • Learn real-world skills so you can become a self-sufficient developer who can learn new things, fix code, and build projects on his or her own (with third party services).
  • The basics of JavaScript include the console, variables, arithmetic, functions, if/else, arrays, objects, loops, strings, asynchronous programming, promises, and many other things, too.
  • Basics: setting up, node package manager, installing and importing dependencies.
  • An overview of HTML and CSS, as well as the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • How to find code issues and solutions that will help you solve your code problems.
  • You need to know how to use third-party services and APIs to make your projects more complicated (e.g. integrating Twilio API to send text messages).
  • Animations that show how to code are used to teach the basics.


  • If you don’t know how to write code, you can start from the beginning.
  • Basic math skills (only addition and subtraction).
  • A computer with the internet (any operating system is fine).


You’ll learn how to code in both JavaScript and NodeJS in this short, hands-on course. You’ll also learn how to make a cool crypto-based project that could help you make money.

Suitable for anyone who is completely new to cryptocurrency or for people who like it.